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Preparing Your Home to Sell

Thinking of selling your home? If you want to sell quickly and for the greatest possible amount of money, you've got to get your home looking its very best! Here are some simple and cost-effective ways to stage your home to WOW your buyers. Remember, we can help you and guide the way with a strategic plan. Contact us today! 

Start on the Outside

Create curb appeal

Drive up to your home and ask yourself, how does it really look? Are there any hanging shutters or missing shingles? Is your siding dirty or in need of new paint? Is your garage door dented? Buyers need to be impressed by your home's exterior or they may not even step inside!

Welcome buyers inside

Make your home as inviting to buyers as possible. Ensure all walkways are clear of leaves, snow, and ice. Spend some time on your front porch, perhaps painting your door, replacing your house numbers, or adding a welcome mat or outdoor chair.

Work the landscaping

Make sure your front yard looks beautiful! Mow the lawn, trim the hedges and any overhanging branches, and clear any fallen sticks or leaves from the grass. If the season is right, you might consider planting some bright flowers or even adding some decorative fencing.

Clean & Repair

Brush up on maintenance

Know of any lingering maintenance issues you just haven't gotten around to yet? Don't leave them lingering! Take care of any unfinished or unaddressed maintenance projects before you even think of listing your home. Don't give a buyer any reason to doubt the soundness of your home.

Clear out some clutter

The truth is, too much stuff makes a home seem smaller, cluttered, and at times even unclean. Don't let your home's best features go unnoticed, buried beneath all your stuff! Take some time to clear out the things you don't regularly use, perhaps even hosting a yard sale or renting a storage locker, if needed.

Deep clean

Even if you stay on top of cleaning, you've probably got a few nooks and crannies that could use a good scrubbing. And when was the last time you had your carpets deep cleaned? Giving your home a good cleaning definitely helps to improve its overall appearance and smell.

Do a Little Decoration


The first step to staging is to tone down your personal decorations a bit. The goal is to make it easy for buyers to visualize their lives, belongings, and decorations in your home. To do that, you've got to remove all your personal touches, like bright or bold colors, family photos, and other unique decor. Keep colors and themes simple and neutral.

Lighten up... your rooms

A little light can go a long way to making rooms seem bigger and, well, brighter. Not too many buyers are looking for a dark, depressing home. Open as many windows as possible to let in the natural light. You may consider upping wattage in rooms that don't get a lot of sunlight, or perhaps adding more lights.

Add some seasonal decor

Spring and summer are easy times to decorate—all you've got to do is bring in some fresh blooms for an added splash of color. Holidays can be quite successful, too, as long as you remember to keep any and all decor neutral and simple. Light potpourri or soft-scented candles can also add some inviting aromas.

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