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Apex, NC

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Apex, North Carolina, Attributes:

•Employment opportunitiesApex NC charming down town shops
• Top-notch schools
• Low crime
• Great Climate
• Historic & Charming downtown

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In August 2015, Apex was rated #1 in Money Magazine's “Best Places to Live”.

•"Top 10 Best Towns for Families", Family Circle
•#5 Happiest Suburb in America, Movoto
•#1 Best City in North Carolina, Movoto

About Apex, NC

Apex is in Wake County, North Carolina.
It is a suburb located a few miles west of Raleigh.  The estimated town's population is 45,000.  Apex is a small, historical town with the convenience of big city amenities.

Historic Downtown Apex is considered one of the most intact turn-of-the-century railroad towns in the area. It features commercial/residential buildings that were built in the late 1800's. Those buildings now house restaurants, unique boutiques, and small businesses. The town is committed to maintaining its small town character.

Living in Apex

13 schools, 11 grocery stores, 6 parks, 6 gyms, and 2 libraries. Family income ranges from $80,000 - $200,000 with $88,000 the median, annual income.

Housing can be a bit more pricey here than other areas of North Carolina due to its desirability and location.  Nearly 53% of residents in Apex are from out of state.
There is ample shopping, restaurants and bars, an art center, a theater and a cultural center. And there is community engagement.

Neighborhoods in Apex - here are just a few


Apex homes for sale

Education in Apex

Apex schools are among the state’s best. Apex High School offers the Academy of Information Technology, a four-year program that exposes students to the IT field through coursework and internships. North Carolina State University,  Duke University and the University of North Carolina are close by.

Employment and Business in Apex

The high-paying tech-industry jobs that help make the quality of life here are second to none. Unlike the other technology hub on the West Coast, Apex is still affordable. A 3-bedroom home costs an average of $350,000 vs. more than $1 million for a comparable home in Silicon Valley.

The engine powering the local job market is the 7,000-acre Research Triangle Park,18 miles away. More than 200 companies, including IBM, Cisco, and pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline, have offices there. Employment also benefits from the three major universities.

Parks and Recreation in Apex

The Apex Parks and Recreation Department offers athletic programs, public greenways, and 9 different parks featuring ball fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, fitness trails, community centers, and a fishing pond.

The Apex Community Park includes picnic shelters, playground, fishing lake, restrooms, nature and fitness trails as well as various athletic fields on 160 acres.

The Halle Cultural Arts Center in Apex is located in the Historic Downtown Area. It features 3 galleries, 2 studio classrooms and a theater that accommodates up to 135 people. Events include a Latino Arts Festival, Magicians, Puppet Shows as well as various concerts and performances.

Special Events in Apex

Apex truly embraces the concept of community. Several events are held throughout the year.  Included are an Easter Egg Hunt, a Turkey Trot 5K Run, as well as the PeakFest. This festival features over 200 vendors showcasing a wide variety of arts and crafts, music and dance acts.

History of Apex

The town was named Apex because it was the highest point on the Chatham Railroad. It is located between Richmond, Virginia, and Jacksonville, Florida.

The early history of Apex was centered on the railroad station. That station is located in the Historic Downtown. The Town Hall, located downtown, that still stands today, once served as the police station, jail, farmers market, fire house and ticket office.

Also important to Apex’s history were the tobacco crops. Tobacco farming became an important part of the local economy in the early 1900s. Farmers discovered that the land around Apex produced excellent tobacco crops and moved to the area. The first tobacco auction market in Wake County was established in Apex in 1905.

Apex remained a small town until the early 1960's. That is when the Research Triangle Park was established. Apex has been growing ever since.

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