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Cary, NC

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Cary, NC

What Cary, NC stands for:

• Security
• Livability
• Opportunity
• Diversity
• Sustainability

About Cary, NC

Cary, North Carolina is a flourishing and safe community. It is located in the ‘Triangle Area’, Wake County. It is ranked as one of the top regions in the country. Residents find it   an exceptional place to live. There are many opportunities for employment and to start a business.

Raise a Family or Retire in Cary

Cary, North Carolina is an excellent town to raise a family or retire. Cary residents are hard-working. They have one of the highest median incomes in the state – approximately $90,000.

Education in Cary

There is a spirit of innovation and learning here. Education is an important part of Cary life. Over 2/3 of adults hold a college degree. Cary is only 20 minutes away from major universities.  They are DukeNorth Carolina State and the University of North Carolina.

As a result of these colleges and universities, many residents come to this city to seek educational and employment opportunities.

The Town of Cary has a passion for education. The Wake County Public School System is nationally recognized. Schools operate on both the traditional and year-round format.

Cary has a ‘small town’ feeling

Cary embraces the effort to retain a small-town atmosphere. It has earned accolades such as "Ranked in The 10 Best Cities in North Carolina" by Movoto. In addition, it is rated #2 Best Cities to Live in North Carolina by Livability.

Cary has controlled growth and livability. It has one of  the lowest crime rates in America. (I.E municipalities with populations of 100,000-500,000). This diverse town enriches the life of every resident. The city has created an outstanding environment for each citizen to thrive and prosper.

Cary, North Carolina has numerous planned green-ways (70 miles of it), tree-lined streets, and well-groomed subdivisions. There are also handsome retail centers and office parks.

Cary's dedication to smart growth is exemplified in its state-of-the-art infrastructure. This infrastructure is what produces and maintains Cary's quality of life.
• Shopping
• Research Triangle Park
• Excellent schools
• Universities
• Good business climate
• An unrivaled workforce
• Low unemployment
• Parks
• Recreation

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Employment and Business in Cary

It is no wonder that business from all over the globe flock to this prosperous town.
Here are a few reasons that businesses move to our city. They are; cost of doing business, low unionization, regulatory environment, education, quality of life, transportation and access to capital. The economic engine for the Triangle has been the university/research complex. A good deal of the funds were public. Because of that public network, Cary has been the cradle for many successful companies such as SAS Institute, and Quintiles.

Parks and Recreation in Cary

Cary's Parks and Recreation Department has been nationally accredited since 2002. It has earned the North Carolina "Fit Community" designation. This rewards communities for their efforts to promote healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco-free schools and healthy work environments.

Do you love the out-of-doors? Cary is your kind of town.
Cary has over 20 public parks. They feature tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, basketball and volleyball courts and playgrounds suited for all ages. There is also a dog park, a ropes course, amphitheaters, a green-way system consisting of six park trails and 11 green-way trails,  3 special use facilities and 8 staffed facilities.

The Fred G. Bond Metro Park is set on 310 acres and is one of the largest municipal parks in Wake County. The park features a lake, a boathouse, a ropes course, Sertoma Amphitheatre, a playground and a picnic shelter. There are also athletic fields and 4.2 miles of trails.  A Natural and luscious setting is created by all of these.

The Town of Cary is passionate about providing a place for pedestrians and bicycle enthusiasts. One can enjoy nature within a bustling community. The parks contain many miles of natural walking trails, and a green-way system continues to grow throughout Cary.

From Youth Theatre, Concerts, and Art Gallery Exhibitions, Ethnic Programs and the Koka Booth Amphitheatre, Cary also has a diverse offering of cultural opportunities.

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Special Events in Cary

Cary provides many opportunities for entertainment. Festivals and Events are held throughout the year. The Sping Daze and Lazy Arts and Crafts Festivals offer the best in arts and crafts, food and entertainment. Various holiday events include  Independance Day Celebrations, Easter Egg Hunts, Christmas & Winter Holiday Celebrations and Halloween Events.    

In addition, Concert Series are held throughout the year in the town's community centers, amphitheaters, and parks. These events offer residents and visitors an opportunity to come out and celebrate in style.

 Cary’s History

Allison Francis "Frank" Page was Cary's first developer, mayor, postmaster and railroad agent. In 1854, Frank and his wife, Kate bought a 300-acre development and named it after Samuel Fenton Cary, a prohibition leader from Ohio.

Cary was incorporated in 1871, and the Page-Walker Hotel (now an arts and history center) was established on Town Hall campus. It is now on the National Register of Historic  Places. With the development of the Research Triangle Park in the 1960's, Cary began to grow rapidly from a quaint town of a few thousand people to the thriving community it is today.

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Sq Ft: 1,350 - 4,650
$110,000 - $1,000,000
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$290,000 - $500,000
Sq Ft: 2,230 - 4,000
$600,000 - $1,100,000
Sq Ft: 4,000 - 5,200
$300,000 - $900,000
Sq Ft: 2,500 - 6,000
$400,000 - $700,000
Sq Ft: 3,300 - 5,400
$175,000 - $950,000
Sq Ft: 1,225 - 5,000
$300,000 - $2,000,000
$250,000 - $1,500,000
Sq Ft: 1,700 - 7,000
$200,000 - $2,000,000
Sq Ft: 2,050 - 7,000
$450,000 - $950,000
Sq Ft: 2,575 - 4,900
$100,000 - $350,000
Sq Ft: 1,500 - 3,000
$475,000 - $1,000,000
Sq Ft: 3,500 - 5,000
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